Kros Strain Brewing Company

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About the project

Kros Strain Brewing Company is the largest growing microbrewery in the state of Nebraska. Their challenge presented was to redesign, redevelop and relaunch their website to match their esthetically innovative branding. To address the concerns provided by consumers, we identified that individuals visiting the site were looking for information on their new brews, and overview on the booming brewery and a unique event space for rental. This last ask specifically was the top of our list. Kros Strain saw an influx of traffic to book out both of their event spaces. This meant we needed to evaluate the website as a whole and show that Kros Strain is a brewery more than what’s shown on its labels.

Kros Strain needed an overhaul by matching the existing bold naming and artwork featured on their packing. We analyzed and repositioned Kros Strain as a local brewery with chops to push boundaries for beer lovers and convert skeptics. Animation and clean UI and UX were incorporated into the site design to address consumer needs and ease of wayfinding.